Classic Basmati Rice Pulao

This is a classic rice dish from India, inspired by the Moghul cuisine. Originally, the dish came from Iran, where it was named pollou or pillau (from pollo, rice). This dish was taken to India, where it became pullao, or pulao, one of the most important rice dishes of the sub-continent. Westwards, this most famous […]

Green Herbed Chili Rice (Arroz Verde)

Arroz verde (literally “green rice”) is coloured with spinach, fresh parsley and coriander leaves, and flavoured with fresh, very mild, large green chilies, such as poblano or anaheim. If these chili varieties are unavailable, use any large, mild green chilies that you can find. Preparation and cooking time: about 40 minutes

Makes enough for 4–6 persons

3 […]

Sauteed Rice with Poppy Seeds

Gently toasting the rice in butter, ghee or oil before adding the water, in the style of making risotto, allows all the rice grains to remain separate. Preparation & cooking time: 30 minutes Serves: 3 or 4 persons 1 cup basmati or other long-grain white rice 2 cups water 3/4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon fresh […]

Punjabi Baked Flatbread (Naan)

This popular leavened bread, especially enjoyed in Punjab in north-west India and Pakistan, is cooked in a traditional coal or wood-fired clay oven called a tandoor. Many versions of this flat bread are found throughout central Asia, from Iran in the East to the Soviet countries in the North. The breads, enriched with milk, yogurt […]

Italian Fried Corn-Bread (Polenta)

Polenta is a yellow maize or cornmeal popular in northern Italy. Regarded there as a staple food, it can be used in many ways after it has been prepared as a rather thick porridge. In Australia, polenta is prepared from a special strain of corn grown in Queensland known as Yellow Dent. Plain boiled polenta […]

Herbed Bread Rolls

In this recipe, small bun-sized pieces of herbed and yeasted dough are arranged in a quiche pan or shallow cake tin fairly close together, then baked. They come to the table joined together in a singular circular cluster, and diners can break off a roll as desired. Preparation time: about 30 minutes Dough resting time: […]

Silver-coated Orange-scented Cream Cheese Fudge 
(Kamala Sandesh)

Bengal is the home of Indian sweet manufacturing, and of all Bengali sweets, sandesh is the most famous. It is prepared from only two ingredients: homemade curd cheese and sugar. Use one-quarter part sugar to the volume of kneaded cheese curd. Sandesh is very simple to make, provided you prepare the curd cheese properly. You […]

Pistachio Milk Fudge (Pista Burfi)

Pistachio burfi is a delightful example of a traditional Indian milk sweet, where boiling, sweetened milk is reduced gradually until it thickens to a fudge-like paste. Note that, as all burfis, pistachio burfi will firm up as it sits. If you keep it well covered, you can store it for up to 10 days in […]

Creamy, Saffron-infused Condensed Yogurt Dessert (Shrikhand)

This popular dessert from India’s Maharastra state is simple to prepare. Yogurt is hung in a cloth to remove excess liquid. The solid residue, called yogurt cheese, or dehin, is sweetened, flavored with saffron, nuts, cardamom, and rosewater, beaten until silky smooth, and served ice-cold in little cups. As an alternative, replace the saffron, nuts, […]

Succulent Milk Balls in Rose-scented Syrup (Gulab Jamuns)

Gulab Jamuns are ideal confections for festive moments and entertaining. When guests are confronted with them for the first time they invariably ask, “What are they? ” Guesses then range from preserved fruits to doughnuts. In fact, Gulab Jamuns are made from just milk powder and flour. They’re fried slowly in ghee until the lactose […]