Adding Value To Your Life

“Winners never stop learning. Krishna did not create us to reach one level and then stop. Whether you’re nine or ninety years old, you should constantly be learning, improving your skills, and getting better at what you do.”

“You have to take responsibility for your own growth. Growth is not automatic. What steps are you taking to improve? Are you reading books or listening to educational videos or audios? Are you taking any courses on the Internet or going to seminars? Do you have mentors? Are you gleaning information from people who know more than you?” And most importantly, are you chanting Hare Krishna” spending time with the Absolute in the form of His Holy Names

“Winners don’t coast through life relying on what they have already learned. You have treasure on the inside—gifts, talents, and potential—put in you by the Creator. But those gifts will not automatically come out. They must be developed.”

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