Speak to Your Mountains

You prayed, hoped, believed. Need to do more – You need to SPEAK to the mountains. Say, “Mountain Be removed.” You are Not asking, not begging, not saying ‘pretty please.’ You are COMMANDING that fear, that sickness to STOP impeding your march and the march of your loved ones back home back to godhead.

I’ve learned if you don’t talk to your mountains, they’ll talk to you. All day long “You’re never going to get well. You’ll never get out of debt. You’re business is going to go under.”

Krishna has given men the power and authority to speak directly to their mountains in His Name. Hare Krishna. When you address sickness in the name of the Lord, debt in the name of the Lord, addictions in the Name of the Lord, you are Krishna’s MOUTHPIECE. You are speaking on His authority.

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