The Desire to Improve

Each and everyone of us is driven by a desire to constantly improve. That is a desire that Krishna put into our hearts. The Lord does not want us to get stuck, stagnate, and sour. We are created to be constantly moving ahead, rising to new levels, taking new ground.

Throughout our lives, Krishna reveals areas where we need to improve. He speaks to us, from within our heart, from scripture, and from the voices of those who love us. He knows the things that are holding us back. He knows our weaknesses, faults, and our inner secrets. When he brings these matters to our attention, we have to be willing to take corrective measures.

If we’re not willing to get out of our comfort zone, we’re going to remain stuck in a rut – in our marriage, or in our finances, or in our careers, or in our walk with God. If you casually disregard the advice of scripture, ignore the small voice from deep within your heart, or downplay the advice from your well wishers, you won’t become everything you were created to be.

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